أخبار المنظومة العربية

مجموعة المنظومة العربية


مسلسل أوراق التوت يترجم الى الانجليزية تمهيدا لعرضه على الشاشات الاجنبية تحت اسم دراماهان


Dramahan showcases the theme of forgiveness and tolerance among religions by emphasizing the power of peaceful dialogue between diverse cultures over violence and war. The events begin when Zenhar an elite of the Dramahan empire, is visited by the “Messenger of Death” informing him of his demise at the sunset on the day of the next full moon. Panic and fear engulf the corrupt and immoral society when the news of this prophecy spreads. This strange event coincides with the arrival of Ibn Ahmed, a physician from the East who is washed ashore with his family after his ship crashed off a nearby coast. Empress Lilanta, the newly crowned ruler of Dramahan, together with Ibn Ahmed, confront an aftermath of betrayal, greed and corruption in the kingdom. The thrilling series revolves around two empires with different ideologies with exciting dramatization that blends in elements of Arab culture in the backdrop of Turkish and Indian settings.

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